Thursday, May 4, 2023



Today I completed the design for Fia's seventh outfit in Old Skies. Having this many variations for a fully animated game character has been quite a bit of extra work, but it's quite satisfying to see them all lined up together. In a month's time, I will have been working quite steadily on this project for a couple of years, and it's hit that point where the work is quite routine now. Much of the thrill and excitement of the project has worn off, as is usual for big projects, but also so has much of the intimidation and fear. This will be a nice looking game, and I am confident in my ability to make it happen now.

I can see many of the issues with the visual style much more clearly now, I know what I'd do differently, and I know exactly what I'd change if I had the energy and time budget to do so - but I'm also pretty satisfied that it's a pretty nice leap forward from what Unavowed looked like to what I want the next Wadjet Eye adventure game to look like. Some folks like the new look, others prefer the old look. I totally understand in both cases.

I do miss working on the short terms projects a little - both Technobabylon and Shardlight were under a year's work for me - and I also would like to do more projects in the 640x360 resolution of Unavowed. I think anybody looking at my re-imagined projects can see that I still have ideas for refining that look (and I do hope to get around to doing some more of those at some point!)

But for now, it's a very fine thing to say that I'm content with our project, and proud of how it's shaping up, and it's nice to mark down yet another milestone in the process of making a game for you all.


J.Miyamoto said...

I always really love seeing a character in lots of different outfits side by side!

Ben304 said...

Awesome! It's fun to show the different looks together like this. :)

Scott said...

I love the visual style of the character. Very cool to see a new approach.

Ben304 said...

Thank you very much!