Wednesday, November 9, 2022



I've started working on the next section of Old Skies, getting Fia's next outfit designed and then walk, talk, and "pickup" animations done in preparation. The normal stuff necessary for a Wadjet Eye game protagonist. This means that she now has six different outfits in the game so far. That's as many as all the companions in Unavowed plus both female & male versions of the player character. Anyway, here's a fun little preview of some animations using all 6 of those outfits to celebrate this little milestone!

And as a little bonus, here's a pigeon animation I did today:


Jen said...

Your animations are gorgeous! I've only done a handful, myself, so I know it's a lot of work, but also I'm sure it helps getting paid to do it vs. only getting to do it as a hobby =p

Ben304 said...

Thank you so much! It definitely helps in that it means I have more time to do them! But also means I have many, many more to be done! :D