Monday, May 22, 2017

Timeline of a speedpaint - part 8

This is an interesting stage of the speedpaint, because I know I want to add something more, something "human" that we can connect with, but I'm not sure what yet. At this stage what I DO know is that I want to push some of the background further back - once again, using atmospheric perspective to do so, while still finalizing details here and there.

One extra detail that I wanted was a couple extra streams of water falling, one from the main structure, and one just below it and to the left. This helps diversify the colours a bit more in this spot, and spreads the values around just a little more.

Next, I wanted to refine this spiral shape even more. I pinched it in on both sides, to try and refine the shape and make it more interesting than the rather blocky form it had. I also add yet another layer of stone features in the empty spots of sky, just to keep things of a fairly uniform density.

To the foreground stones, both on the left hand side and the cliffs to the right, I add some rim lighting, which helps to make them pop a little against the scenery behind them. The spire on the left here got some extra attention, taking it from a boring, straight vertical line to a rather curvy, interesting form. I'm always looking for interesting forms like this when I paint, and if I can accentuate them, I like to do so. It adds some nice variety to the shapes, and a bit more visual interest.

The final step is to add a faint layer of red to everything in the distance, pushing it further back. This might seem odd, but I know I want to add something eye catching as a feature in the foreground - at this point, I was trying to decide between some sort of flying vehicle and a human figure - and reducing the contrast of the backdrop is a good preparation, knowing that I want my foreground object to stand out the most. Next time we visit this scene, I'll be roughly choosing where and what I'm going to add for this foreground feature!

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