Saturday, May 13, 2017

Timeline of a speedpaint - part 4

With some colour in the mix, the next thing I wanted to focus on was some greater value diversity. This basically means making the lights lighter, and the darks darker. I mostly did this on the extremities of the palette, focusing on making the lights shooting up into the sky much brighter, and the framing features much darker. Most of the midtones I left for now, planning to focus more on those once I had worked out the darks and lights.

You can see here how I used a single, light brush stroke over the painting, with pure white, on an overlay layer, to brighten this section up. I'm not worried about being neat at this point, I simply want to bring in more extremities, and some of this will most likely be hidden in the final mix anyway.

With the lights lightened, and the cliffs darkened, my next worry was that the way the cliffs framed the distant feature was a little too convenient, and a little too unnatural, so I wanted to break this up, and have some cliff features that overlapped part of the distant scenery. To try and accomplish this I painted some simple rock spikes jutting up, from the foreground, covering some of the path, and some of the city. This helps to give the illusion of depth, and multiple layers, and makes for a more pleasing composition overall. The rock spire on the left here forms a tangent, which is something I noticed and fixed later.

I also tried to fill up some of the sky detail that I painted last time with another, even further back rock detail, helping to frame the focal building once again, and also filling this section in a little. I had noticed that the large section of rather red sky was slightly distracting, drawing my attention away from the focal building just a little, so this is a decent remedy to counter that.

With the rough composition laid out, the basic colour scheme decided, and the values pushed a little more, the scene here is ready for me to start thinking about painting in some actual details, which is what we'll be taking a look at in the next step!

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