Friday, November 16, 2012

Hi there

Hey. Hello. How are you?

It's been forever since I've written a post. Sorry about that. Been pretty darn busy, you see. So what's been going on?

To start with, PISS was finished, released, put on sale and then the Summerbatch ended so you can no longer buy it, although I assume most of you knew this and had plenty of warning. If you didn't, here's a screenshot anyway of how the final game turned out. It was a lot of work getting the game done by deadline; probably the hardest time I've ever had making a game.

Getting the water to animate right left me with an actual headache :D

After that was all done I got so busy with work that I basically had no time at all to do anything game related at all and so I didn't! Then suddenly I had a three day weekend out of nowhere and so Grundislav and I made a weirdo game based on our amazing podcast which some people like (but not all of them). This one is still available, you can get it here and if you needed more convincing than that then here's a screenshot:

Everyone thinks that Auntie Gravity is peeing, but she's not! I'd never make such a disgraceful visual joke. The pee joke is elsewhere in the game!

Thirdly, and because I need to work on something that doesn't have anything to do with weeing at some point, Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games is working on the next Blackwell game, and I am doing the character animations again this time, as well as taking on the background art. We're still in early stages, but you can get a sneaky peeky at what the game will look like from the screenshot below! Buy Primordia.

A baby kangaroo is called a Joey.

 Finally, I've also been working on Ortis - a game aimed at being the first full release using Dan Alexander's XAGE. Developing a game aimed at release on several completely different platforms - Windows, XBOX 360 and Windows Phone - has meant we've had to do some rethinking of interface to make sure all of these are supported in an intuitive way. It's also early stages in this game, but the pace is picking up as my free time does the same and things are starting to look good. You can see a screenshot below.

No, Madelyn. Do not burn benches.

I'm super busy at the moment working on all this game stuff, but I'll try to not be so long between updates next time. The year has flown by - between Falling Skywards, Fragment, ^_^, PISS and Spaceman in Space I've worked on 5 games released this year, and yet somehow it hardly feels like it has been any time at all. Hope you're all doing well, and I hope to have some more cool stuff to show you soon!

Ben <3>


Hervé said...

Hi Ben,

Amazing work on PISS, Blackwell & Ortis.

Ortis is a freeware or a commercial game on PC ?

Good luck ;-)

Ben304 said...

Thanks, Hervé.

Dan and I plan to make Ortis a commercial release at this point!

Cheers :)

Hervé said...

OK, I'll give Ortis a try when it will be finished ;-) I love your graphic style since always.

Can you distribute PISS for free now or is it completely lost forever?

Scott said...

I pretty much use this blog as my only source for Ben related game news, so I also missed PISS. I'm surprised there is no way to get it now. What was the story with that? And where should we look so we don't miss games in the future?

Also, I didn't know there was a podcast but found this helpful link for those who might like an RSS version:

Ben304 said...

Scott - Sorry about that! This is *usually* a good source - except when I get busy!

Send me an email (edible_pants(AT)hotmail(DOT)com) and I'll see if I can sort you out with a copy of PISS! :)

Scott said...

Thanks Ben. I actually found the compilation online at the Screen 7 store. It's a fixed price of 5 pounds "for a limited time."

I started playing PISS and it's very funny and very dark. (Only on the second screen so far.)

abbax said...

Hey Ben,
I just found (at Rock, Paper, Shotgun) and played PISS. Wow. That was a great game. Well thought out and executed. A great story, told well with a great protagonist. Special kudos for the protagonist by the way. A strong, complex, multidimensional woman is a rare but welcome sight. I was especially pleased with her romance with Astis, that was well done.
So I suppose what I'm saying is thank you. That was a beautiful game, it brought back a lot of memories from the olden days of adventure games for me. I would have kept playing if it was longer. I am going to play some more of your games now.

Small heads up, all the links to the games in the top right of the blog are broken. Even when I managed to find them by their ID on the site the links point to some of the download links there were broken too.

Ben304 said...

Hey there, abbax, thank you for your kind words. There are moments in PISS I'd like to change, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really do feel it's my best game so far.

I also would have liked to have made it longer, but I was working under a deadline which was postponed thrice as it was. I simply ran out of time to put all of my ideas in the game (as is evidenced by the game slowly getting weaker as it progresses).

As for the broken links, thanks for the heads up. AGS has changed server, and I've been too busy working on games to work on my site.

Thanks for playing and the comments, I appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I too just found PISS via the Rock, Paper, Shotgun article and loved the hell out of it. I was somewhat shocked when it ended (seemingly just as something new was beginning). I loved the setting, and the characters were great; I really liked the protagonist, and although there were a few flaws (typos, mainly, and perhaps the sexy bit was a bit overdone (although still quite sexy)), the overall experience was great.

Will there ever be more in the same or similar setting?

I'd totally do one of those throw-money-at-the-screen gestures if, say, some kind of Kickstarter were available...

Alex said...

Hey Ben,

I too found PISS courtesy of RPS, and just wanted to come over and say that I loved it!

I was also surprised when it ended, but the ending makes sense given the small scope. Still, it's exactly the kind of adventure game I like to play, so thank you for making it, and I hope you make more like it in the future!

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WOW gold said...

I pretty much use this blog as my only source for Ben related game news, so I also missed PISS. I'm surprised there is no way to get it now. What was the story with that? And where should we look so we don't miss games in the future?

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